Good riddance MSN Messenger

The time has come. If you haven’t done so already, merge your MSN messenger account with your existing Skype account and never need to use MSN messenger again (It will no longer be supported by Microsoft soon anyway). I for one will not be sad to see it go!

It’s fairly straight-forward to integrate your accounts; just follow the steps in the guide below! Only takes a minute or so.

1. click login to skype (on the skype website or using your desktop skype app, you may need to log-out first)
2.instead of logging in click “Microsoft account” beside where you type your username and password
3. sign into your Microsoft account (if not already logged in)
4. click “I have a Skype account”
5. then sign into your Skype account
6. then press merge accounts and there you have it!


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