The next age of Television? Arrested Development Season 4

Jason Bateman told Metro that not only will Arrested Development season 4 live up to the show’s previous outings, its Netflix-administered ‘braided’ format will be like nothing we have seen on television before.

The sitcom’s fourth series will be set live in one go, as opposed to being rationed out week-by-week like with traditional TV broadcasts, and will not run chronologically.

Discussing the delineated nature of the series’ distribution, Bateman said: ‘It’s extremely exciting because of the way the story rolls out – all of the action a takes place at the same time so if, say, I’m driving down the street and one of the other characters walks by on the sidewalk you can stop my episode and click into his and follow where he’s going.

‘Everything’s braided and there’s different orders you can watch the episode in which will reveal certain information to you that others might not.’

via Jason Bateman: Arrested Development season 4′s format is ground-breaking | Metro News.

It must be said, I am really excited about new content being created exclusively for NetFlix and other streaming services; especially if we get a wider, more audience driven selection. I enjoyed the recent US remake of British series ‘House of Cards’ and this new series of Arrested Development has a very fresh and interesting concept that you might not expect most TV networks to take a gamble on.

Will we see TV networks having a reduced or different role in Television in the future as streaming services become more popular? Quite possibly, it will be interesting to see how things develop. However, television still has Live events and shows on it’s side; for the time being at-least. My NetFlix subscription costs a lot less than a Sky package; however Sky have started to get into this area with their Now TV service which claims to show the newest films 12 Months before NetFlix and other services.

Thanks to the Empire podcast for bringing this to my attention. @empiremagazine


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