Behind the Blog

‘Behind the Blog’ is a more personal feature that details some of my experiences as a blogger.

Firstly, these last few weeks since I have started writing again have been an incredible and fulfilling experience for me. I started with the article ‘Kevin Smith, Podcasts & the power of Fandom‘ which received a great response from the fan community and in general; it even got a mention from some actors from Kevin Smith’s film ‘Clerks’; which I never expected. This has really encouraged me to keep up with my writing and attempt more challenging articles. Truly, this is a dream come true for me. My fiancé, Lewis has also been incredibly supportive of my writing.

Recently, I have been discovering other local film bloggers which led me to get in touch with local site ‘Battle Royale With Cheese‘. I found this to be a really fun yet serious site; very well put together and with a lot of interesting content about both major and independent films. The site features a good mix of News, Reviews & Features as well as offering give-aways, clips and other content.

BRWCbannerAfter discussion with curator/editor Alton Williams I am pleased to announce that some of my film writing will now feature there as well(several of my articles are already featured there) and I have also been asked to contribute some reviews/articles; which I love to do. I didn’t think when I started this a few weeks ago that I would be getting requests for reviews. Hopefully this will prove to be a very fulfilling collaboration for the future and I would encourage you all to check out the site.

Moving forward with the blog I hope to continue with my film writing as well as getting back to some technology & TV based articles; it was the explosion in technology blogging that in part inspired me to start my own writing in the first place and there will always be a technical angle to my content. In the coming weeks I have a lot lined up including hopefully some actor interviews, so watch this space.

I would also like to mention some great resources for U.K. bloggers that I have discovered:
Cardiff Blogs – Local bloggers co-operative initiative in South Wales, UK.
UK Bloggers – A help/advice site and community for UK based bloggers.

Thank you for reading and all your continued support.


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