Three Short Film Reviews

As part of my ongoing contributions to film site Battle Royale With Cheese I was asked to review three short films.

These three shorts were produced in the UK by Chocolate Bear Productions.
All three will be featured at the Portobello Film Festival on September 14th, 2014.

If you are interested; I have linked to these reviews below:

Coda (2014) – “In Coda we hear the somewhat dark inner monologue of Terry(Dominic Gately) as told to his closest friend Biz; who he has recently lost. This is an insightful exploration of the everyday depression and misery that many people suffer.” Directed by Dermot Daly & written by Dominic Grace.

Quality Time (2014) – “From Writer/Director Polly Thomas this comedy short deals with a subject that many can relate to, the annoyance & persistence of small children. The film tells the story of a father trying to read his paper in peace while out at the park with his son.”

Motherland’s Call (2014) – “The sole product of Writer/Director/Producer Dermot Daly; this is a quirky little ‘mock’ public information film from the fictional ‘Ministry of Social Harmony’; designed to better inform British residents about Caribbean Immigrants.”


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