Fund-raising for lesbian, gay and bisexual equality charity Stonewall (the UK equivalent of It Gets Better) my partner Lewis is part of a nationwide skydive on 27th September !!!!
#Skydive25He will Jump for Equality this month, to raise money for leading lesbian, gay and bisexual equality charity Stonewall and raise money for Stonewall’s work to tackle homophobic bullying in Britain and internationally.

Jumping from Swansea airfield (in south wales), Lewis joins over forty divers from across the UK who are all taking part in the initiative. Stonewall’s #Skydive25 will celebrate the charity’s 25th anniversary. The funds raised by those taking part will help to support the charity’s international campaign.

Lewis said: ‘I am absolutely petrified about doing the jump but as Stonewall is such a worthy charity that has helped so many people over the past 25 years (myself included) I really wanted to get behind this initiative and throw myself in (literally !!!!!)

Richard Lane, media manager at Stonewall said: ‘We’re delighted to have such a huge group of jumpers, who are passionate about what Stonewall does and want to support our work. Our Challenge Events are extremely important for engaging with the community and contribute vital funds to the work that we do.’

You can support Lewis by donating to his jump via JustGiving:



Further information on #Skydive25 and other Stonewall events can be found at www.stonewall.org.uk/events

Enquiries: Richard Lane, Media Manager, on 020 7593 3469 or 07525 359960



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