Behind The Blog: It’s a Small World After All

The last few weeks have shown me it really is true what they say…the internet makes the world a whole lot smaller;  and there has been a number of exciting and unexpected developments with the blog that I would like to share with you.

After writing the article ‘Kevin Smith, Podcasts and the power of Fandom‘ back in August I received a great response from the Kevin Smith fan community. As a result I was invited to appear on USA based ‘Thatman on Fatman’ fan podcast; a great show that I wrote about in the article. This was an informal ‘geek-out’ chat where we talked about Kevin Smith, blogging, podcasting, pop culture and some general UK/US chat which was great fun. Not only that; but the other guest on the show was Kelly Carlin; daughter of US comic George Carlin. Hear it here or on iTunes & Stitcher.

There was also another full circle moment when Chris Parkinson; the guy behind the spoof GumTree AD that inspired the 2014 Kevin Smith film Tusk (which was part of what inspired my article) also appeared on the same podcast last week…it really is a small world now. Hear it here.

As if that wasn’t exciting enough, having the article to back me up also led to me securing my first ever interviews with some of my favourite indie actors Marilyn Ghigliotti & Scott Schiaffo from Kevin Smith’s hit film Clerks (1994); a retrospective 20 years after the film’s release. On a personal note it was a dream come true being able to reach out to the cast of one of my favourite films of all time and hopefully this will lead to some more interviews in the near future.

In other news my fiancé Lewis has been getting more involved with the blog; helping out with layout design and image selection for a lot of my recent articles as well as co-writing a couple of reviews with me (see here) and generally being supportive; it’s great that we get to do this together and expect more of this in the future. I have also been more regularly contributing articles & reviews to the film blog Battle Royale With Cheese which is great fun.

All of the above; I would never have believed would happen if you told me a few months ago. It just goes to show how far whimsy & hobbies can lead in the age of the internet….you never know what might happen next.

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