1OVE (2014) – ‘A Romantic Comedy For Pop Music Nerds’

1OVE is a fun internet comedy short from GDB Films; written by G. Daniel Bailey & directed by Reynaldo Rodriguez.

The ensemble cast includes G. Daniel Bailey, Laura TenZijthoff. Keith C. Wade (Burn Notice, Graceland) and Frank Francisco (Univision’s Va Por Ti).IMG_1918-0

The concept here is ‘a romantic comedy for pop music nerds‘. This is achieved through the dialogue which is mostly referencing or byorrowed from well known song lyrics (both recent and classic). With everything from Rihanna to The Who there is something for everyone here.

We see male protagonist Johnny (Bailey) narrate the tale of his conquest Molly (TenZijthoff) to his friends at a bar while we see flashback cutaways. The production value here is reasonable for a YouTube video but nothing exceptional; not that it particularly matters for this kind of comedy.

This is a fun, cheesy Internet video concept that is well executed and perfect for YouTube but does not have much merit beyond this.

Find it here on YouTube


 Originally reviewed for Battle Royale With Cheese

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