Objects of Desire: Special Edition Blu-Rays – Part One

As appreciated by film geeks everywhere; there is much more to a good DVD or Blu-Ray release than simply the film itself. The appeal comes equally from the packing, presentation, special features & promotional items that are included with the set. These range from well designed standard jewel cases all the way to through to full-blown promotional sets.  Here I examine a few such sets from my own collection and elsewhere.

Breaking Bad: The Complete Series (Deluxe Barrel Edition)

This set is packaged in a stylish ‘barrel’ case in homage to the shows final season. The discs for each series are stored in plastics rings sealed with magnets (another reference to the show). Also included is a Los Pollos Hermanos apron, booklet and challenge coin. The top of the barrel contains a ‘secret’ compartment with a bonus features disc. Over 55 hours of special features are included as well as a brand new two-hour documentary.

From Dusk Till Dawn: Titty Twister Edition

IMG_1569 IMG_1571

Reflecting the iconic style of the seminal genre-clash film from Robert Rodriquez & Quentin Tarrentino this set is presented in an elegant rectangular box and contains an exclusive poster, 2 shot-glasses, 3 artwork cards and a tattoo patch. All previously-released special features are included.

Reservoir Dogs: Limited Collector’s Edition

IMG_1579 IMG_1583

This special edition set comes packaged in a metal tin reminiscent of the gas cans used in the film and includes a cigarette-holder style disc case with film artwork as well as 4 exclusive artwork postcards. The disc features extensive special features including footage from the 1992 Sundance film festival.


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