Doctor Who Experience – Regenerated

dwexp-logo-blackThe Doctor Who Experience (Cardiff) is one of the largest and most ambitious Doctor Who exhibitions ever staged. Featuring props and costumes from throughout the shows 51 years (both classic and modern era’s).

There are two separate areas of this exhibition.

Firstly an interactive experience which stars Twelfth Doctor Peter Capaldi, this exclusive adventure – especially written by Joseph Lidster (Torchwood, Sarah Jane Adventures) and directed by Paul Wilmshurst (Doctor Who) – puts the audience at the heart of an unmissable experience!

This interactive experience follows the Doctor on a spectacular, interactive adventure through time and space. Beginning in the Gallifrey Museum and journeying to the heart of the TARDIS, visitors will have to grapple with a threat which could destroy the universe.


A cool easter egg from the classic series:-

Romana II is the voice of the interactive segment.

The exhibition has ‘regenerated’ since the cast change of the doctor (from Smith to Capaldi).

IMG_2434_Fotor_CollageAfter the interactive experience the audience enters the vast two storey exhibition hall. The Doctor Who Experience boasts the world’s most extensive collection of original Doctor Who props and artefacts.





IMG_2414_Fotor_CollageHighlights include:-
a complete collection of the Doctor’s iconic costumes from 1963 to the present day,





three full TARDIS sets (including the Ninth and Tenth Doctor’s console room),


replica and original props and monsters from the show.


IMG_2386a recreation of the original BBC Quadrophonic Workshop where sound effects for the show were created,


 and of course there is plenty of Cyberman and Dalek props.

 There is also a extensive gift shop full of Doctor Who related merchandise including, DVDS, clothing, toys and exclusive signed items (most of the items available are also available on the BBC website).

Wimagee came back with a few items 😉

Lewis Mainwaring & Ben Gummery
The IndieMacUser Team

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