DVD Review: Zombie Resurrection (2013)

From writing/directing team Andy Phelps & Jake Hawkins comes the British zombie thriller/comedy Zombie Resurrection. Interestingly; this was originally written as a screenplay to sell; but with lack of interest the writers chose to take the project on themselves.

After a short intro scene; we break into an animated title sequence with a booming https://i0.wp.com/roberthood.net/blog/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/Zombie-Resurrection-Mac-and-Zombie.jpgscore…..they are really building it up here. Will it live up to this intro?

This soon establishes itself as an a group survival zombie flick…as the group is travelling to a new encampment in the post zombie apocalypse. However the overtone to begin with is purely comical and farce with accents to match; perhaps taking it’s cues from Shaun of The Dead.

There are some enjoyable characters in this group such as Jim Sweeney as tough Scottish soldier Mac and Danny Brown as Beaumont; who in contrast is a more traditional English gent.

Image result for zombie resurrectionZombie encounters are minimal with more attention being paid to the dialogue & characters. These are best in the large staged zombie scenes; though I feel at times the score is trying to create excitement that just isn’t there on screen.


DVD Extras

  • Trailer
  • Making of featurette (32 mins)
    -This is actually quite interesting  and extensive; focusing on the story and writing process & character development told from the point of view of the writer/directors. Featuring interviews with the cast & crew. They also detail some of the difficulties faced while making the film & effects.
  • Previews of upcoming films from the production company.

3/5 – This is not the next Shaun of the Dead; but watch-able none the less.

The film is out on Blu-Ray and DVD on 23rd March; pre-order available now.

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