DVD Review: The Turning (2013) – Out 6th April.

Soda Pictures are releasing critically acclaimed Australian drama ‘The Turning’ in a special DVD release in the UK from 6th April following a limited a theatrical run; certificate 15. VOD options for the film have not yet been confirmed.

THETURNING_QUAD-FINALThe Turning is based on the best-selling book of short stories by Australian author Tim Winton. This big-screen adaptation is a collaboration between many writers and directors; each working on one the books segments.  The film stars Cate Blanchett (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button), Hugo Weaving (The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies) and Rose Byrne (X-Men First Class).

TT12_R_LT-0016“Compilations like this run the risk of feeling disjointed however this film seems mostly to avoid that as the various tales intertwine and cover the whole range of the human experience from relationships to death.”

See full review here.
Special Features:
– An in-depth  ‘Filmmakers’ Commentary track which provides lots of interesting insight from the various people involved.
– Four short featurettes titled ‘The Directors’, ‘Directors on location’, ‘Directors on Winton’s work’, ‘Directors and their turning points’. These focus on the directors looking at the story, location and how their own personal experiences connect with these; although these are each only a few minutes long.
-Trailer/Upcoming Previews

Overall, this short-story format may feel like a lot to take in when adapted for film but the common threads, human stories, performance and score are enough to keep your interest through the piece. The special features are a nice bonus and adequate given the price.

The DVD is available for pre-order from Amazon & Zavvi now.


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