‘Shooting Clerks’ (Kevin Smith biopic) teaser released!

Scottish production company Auld Reekie Media has released the first teaser trailer for their much anticipated biopic of writer/director Kevin Smith titled ‘Shooting Clerks‘. The film will focus on the production of his 1994 debut hit film Clerks as well as looking into the events that preceded and followed it.

Director Christopher Downie and Producer Brett Murray have previously worked on several Kevin Smith themed projects; most notably the short ‘Get GREEDO!‘ which was posted on Smith’s own ‘Smodco Internet Television‘ YouTube channel.

The cast features actors portraying Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes & many other actors/others involved with the making of Clerks but interestingly also includes cameo and small-role appearances from many original Clerks cast members including Brian O’Hallaran, Marilyn Ghigliotti, Scott SchiaffoErnie O’Donnell and many others associated with Smith. Smith himself is expected to narrate the film.

Production was split between UK & US with principal photography taking place in Scotland while key locations were filmed by a 2nd Unit in and around New Jersey, USA. Funding for for film came from several crowd-funding campaigns as well as individual investors.

Please follow the film-makers Facebook & Twitter for updates on the release of this film.

This release is well timed following the release of Smith’s horror/thriller Tusk, the announcement that the second sequel to Clerks, Clerks III will shoot this year and also amidst the news that Smith is putting together a sequel to his 1995 follow-up film Mallrats.


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5 thoughts on “‘Shooting Clerks’ (Kevin Smith biopic) teaser released!

    • Well as you may have gathered i’m a bit of a Fanboy of this stuff; so much so infact I just launched a weekly news segment on a fan podcast. Kev’s films tend to be an acquired taste. If you don’t know much of the making-of story for Clerks you will probably find this film interesting – it works for non-fans aswell. Is there any Kevin smith reference in Ready Player One?


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