Horror Month: Interview with Tuesday Knight (A Nightmare on Elm Street 4/New Nightmare)

Horror Month – June 2015

MV5BMTQ4MDE2OTY5OV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMTgzOTgyNw@@._V1._SX541_SY750_-335x464We spoke with actress/musician Tuesday Knight known for her role as Kristen Parker A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master. She also later portrayed herself in Wes Craven’s New Nightmare.  She has had many other Film & TV roles including a run on General Hospital and guest appearances on FAME & The Facts Of Life.


Once we started filming Elm St. I knew then my real love was acting”

What led you to become a actress?
Well in the beginning I was a singer, I had always been a singer since I was about 5.  I guess I get it from my Father.  The first band I was in was Quiet Riot and did backing vocals on the Mental Health album.  And then I got signed to a record label and while working on my albums, the Executives thought it would be a good idea to get some good PR and get my name out there more so I ended up doing musical spots on FAME and The Facts of Life.  I even went in to do a singing thing for General Hospital and it turned into an almost three year run on that show.  I then when I was getting the attention from Television I got a call from my Management and they sent me in to meet with a director and producer which turned out to be Renny Harlin and Rachel Talalay, and he hired me right on the spot.  Once we started filming Elm St. I knew then my real love was acting and I kind of put music in 2nd place. 

You appeared as Kristen Parker in Nightmare 4 replacing Patricia Arquette. How were your experiences on set?
This answer could go in so many directions.  I was hired first (aside from Rodney, Ken, Robert and Brooke Bundy) and Renny and I became friends right away.  We always just got along really well, and I guess I had the attention of the director for the entire film which I think caused some issues with the other cast members (Keep in Mind I am speaking as if it was 28 years ago).  At the time I didn’t think that Rodney and Kenny liked me taking over the role.  Robert didn’t seem to have an issue, he treated me as if I were in the last 3 films. 

During the entire shoot I felt there was a lot of tension with a few of the cast members, but I was very close with Andras, Toy and Brooke Bundy.  I loved everyone, please don’t get me wrong. Even Renny and I had our moments when we didn’t like each other, when he always wanted me to be showing more skin than I should be as a teenager.  


What was it like working with horror icon Robert Englund? 
I had seen Robert as Freddy in the previous films and V.  I am a huge horror fan, always have been.  So it was really fascinating working with someone that has such a great resume in the genre.  He had so many stories, and is just full of so much knowledge. There was this one day when we were filming the beach scene, I think that took us a total of 4 days if I am not mistaken.  And when he told me how much of a following these films had I guess I didn’t believe him, and all these fans found out we were filming and they surrounded our trailer that we were sharing for the day for Make-Up and they were just pounding on the sides of the wall and they had to get security there.  My friend Stephanie was there with me and she was freaked out by the fans reactions to the whole Freddy thing. But Robert is really amazing.
I think one of the greatest things was going to my first Horror Convention (Monster Mania) and reuniting with him after not seeing him for I think 16 years since we did New Nightmare together.  That was a very powerful moment for me, and it brought back so many feelings and memories of how great it was working on my first feature. 


How was it filming your characters death scene?
HORRIBLE!!! The beach scene had so many re-writes and issues.  They wanted Freddy’s claws to come out of the water and go right between my legs while I was laying on the beach.  As you might be able to tell from the shot right before it happens my legs are quite spread. Then they wanted me to wear this prosthetic chest with boobs that looked horrible and he was supposed to slash me, I have photos of that somewhere. 
Then the stunt girl didn’t show up so I actually had to go down in the sand myself.  First when you are a woman sand goes in places you don’t want it to, then they had me wearing these goggles to keep the sand out of my eyes as I went under and it didn’t.  My eye got scratched really bad from the sand. And Robert’s shoes kept pulling my hair. Now as we get to the boiler room, that scene was actually very extended but got cut.  Because the studio felt that it was featuring my character too much and didn’t leave much time for the new generation of victims to be introduced.  I remember New Line actually told Renny that he had to kill off Kristen by a certain time of the film.
We did many takes of the whole acrobatic skills that Kristen was supposed to have carry over from the Dream Warriors.  And I wasn’t into it, and Renny didn’t think it looked good for the look of what he was going for, so that got cut. I was so sick when we were filming that whole movie.  I had gotten sick from the rain during the opening of the film, and I was working full time on General Hospital as well and I was just drained and tired but being young and green to the business I thought I could and had to do it.  There is an article in the National Enquirer with pictures of me sleeping on the set of General Hospital and the headline is “General Hospital star Tuesday Knight passes out from eating disorder”  its actually kind of funny what people will write about you.  


Are you a fan of horror films yourself?
Yes, huge fan!  Love all horror films, I will watch slashers but I am more into paranormal and haunting kinds.  Some of my favourites are Dead Silence, The Uninvited, Grave Dancers, Dolls, Dolly Dearest and so many.  I really love the genre.


You’ve worked on many TV shows/films what role has been your personal favourite?
Well I think my favourite thing I have done to this date is a series that I did called “2000 Malibu Road” and I starred with Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Beals, Lisa Hartman and Brian Bloom.  That was a lot of fun, because it was so out of the normal and was every actors dream to be NOT THEM.  I got to wear a brown wig, Glasses and a fat suit.  And was a little schemer, always getting into trouble.  The director Joel Schumacher was so amazing, he was a dream to work for.  And I made really good friends with his assistant at the time Guy Ferland and he put me in a couple of films he directed (The Babysitter and Telling Lies In America).  A lot came from that series, but I think that happened for a lot of us. 


What can you tell us about your music career? 
Started in music doing backing vocals for Quiet Riot, then that got me signed to Vanity Records.  And during that time I was recording my album I got bought out of my contract and then signed to CBS / PARC Records.  And then that is where I recorded my first 2 albums, and scored a Top Ten dance hit on the Billboard Charts. Then I was signed to Warner Bros Records, and did a lot of music for film and television.  I am now working with writer/producer Ellen Shipley (who produced all of Belinda Carlisle’s biggest hits) and she is amazing.  And we are writing some really great stuff, and of course I love doing shows with my band Rapture: The Blondie Tribute (www.rapturetribute.com).


Who are your musical influences?
The Beatles … Need I say more?


If you could play a role from any movie which would it be any why?
If they re-made Somewhere in Time with Jane Seymour I would love to play that role.   


What is your favourite film of all time?
It changes everyday.


Do you have any upcoming projects?
I do, I actually have a film I am working on with a bunch of horror stars its kind of a take on The Expendables called The Survivors.
I am also doing a film called How To Be Single which is being produced by Drew Barrymore.  And of course I always have some music projects in the works.  Like releasing my new EP “NIGHTMARE” which can be pre-ordered on my website.

Check out Tuesday’s website  www.tuesdayknight.com.
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