Horror Month: Interview with Sean Clark (Horrors Hallowed Grounds)

Horror Month – June 2015

We spoke with horror circuit legend Sean Clark.

seanclark1Sean has turned being a horror fan into a full time career. As a talent agent he represents many of the biggest names in Horror for appearances/conventions. He is also an accomplished producer/writer. He produced many of the additional special features and featurettes included in the Scream Factory/Anchor Bay special edition box set Halloween Complete Collection including a specially filmed documentary with Jamie Lee Curtis.

In 2009 he co-wrote the film ‘The Black Waters of Echo’s Pond‘ which starred Danielle Harris & Robert Patrick. He produces his own series ‘Horrors Hallowed Grounds‘ where he revisits iconic Horror locations from films such as Halloween & A Nightmare On Street and also contributes to HorrorHound magazine.


“….It just started as a hobby. I went out searching for the locations from the original Halloween and when I happened upon my very first location it was like visiting a childhood home”


What started your love affair with horror?

The first film I remember seeing in the theater was Jaws and I believe I was only 5 or 6 years old. From then on I was hooked.

You have produced many special features for the Halloween franchise releases – what was this experience like?

It is an honour but at the same time it makes you sick of the films. You have to watch them over and over again doing research as well as editing the footage into the features that by the time I was finished with the box set I don’t think I will ever want to see any of them ever again! 

What’s it like working as a talent agent?

It has been a really great experience that I dumb lucked myself into. It has opened so many doors for me that wouldn’t have ever opened otherwise. I’m just glad I got into it when I did because now it is very hard to get into. When I started there was barely anyone repping people for personal appearances and now the big agencies are opening their own in house divisions because they finally see there is money to be made. One thing for sure that these fans that keep trying to do it do not realize is that it isn’t as easy as they think it is. It is a lot of hard work and if you don’t know the ins and outs of this business you are going to get crushed. 

What’s is the weirdest experience you have ever had with a fan?

I’ve had lots of weird ones with my clients but for me the weirdest is just dealing with my own fans. It just blows my mind that people are interested in me enough to want an autograph or a photo with me. It is very flattering and I am extremely grateful it is just hard to get used to because you never see yourself in that way.

How did you come up with the idea for Horrors Hallowed Grounds? Will there be any more episodes?

It just started as a hobby. I went out searching for the locations from the original Halloween and when I happened upon my very first location it was like visiting a childhood home. Even though I had never been there before it had this nostalgic feeling like it was a place I grew up with which I had but just on the big screen.

Sean filming ‘Horrors Hallowed Grounds’ at one of the Halloween Locations
Currently there isn’t anything in the works for new episodes. These episodes all happen very spontaneously. Since my relationship with Scream Factory I just wait for them to get the rights to a film that works well for an episode and then it depends if that release has the budget to finance an episode or not. If the fans want to see more they need to let Scream Factory know there is a demand for it. I get tons of fans asking me for more but really they need to ask them. I’m ready when they are.

What has been your favourite location to revisit?

That would have to be Danver’s Mental Hospital from the film Session 9. Entering a dangerous abandoned building like that when you know you are trespassing and the incredible and horrific history that building has was just such an adrenaline rush. Sadly it was torn down.

What is your favourite horror movie?

The Shining! I can watch that film over and over and it still gives me the chills. It’s brilliant.

What is your favourite horror franchise?

I have to go with the Halloween franchise. If it wasn’t for the Halloween films I doubt we would be talking right now.  

How did you find making a documentary with iconic scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis ?

That was a surreal experience. I still watch it and can’t believe that really happened. Such and honor to have been chosen by her to be the person she trusted to do it with and for such an amazing cause.

Do you have any upcoming projects?

Currently I have been so busy with Convention All Stars and the convention world I really haven’t had time for much else. I’ve missed the last four issues of HorrorHound Magazine because I’ve been so busy. I should get a new Horror’s Hallowed Grounds article in the next issue. It’s all been about finding the time. I really want to get back into writing and producing films again. 



See some of the stars Sean represents on his site Convention All Stars.

You can also keep up to date with Horrors Hallowed grounds on Facebook.

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