#SaveHannibal petition gains momentum

indexA change.org petition is gaining momentum calling for NBC to reconsider the cancellation of Hannibal. The petition was created by Carlos Mazal from London shortly after news broke of the shows cancellation on Monday.

We spoke to Carlos and he stated that;

“It’s just a great show. I’ve been a fan of Hannibal since Anthony Hopkins so I was excited to see a new interpretation of the character. The cast is excellent and Mads Mikkelsen as Hannibal is genuinely disturbing (in a good way)! The man is a master of subtle expression. I started the petition because I was genuinely disappointed with NBC’s decision to cancel it. Mr. Fuller’s show is superb. The performances are excellent, the dialogue is well written and the cinematography is visually and artistically compelling. Fannibal’s just want to continue that experience. Also, I’m a huge foodie so watching Hannibal prepare, flambé and cook meals on the show is incredibly satisfying! Hmm, lung flambé! I just hope the petition helps the show get picked up by another network because the show deserves to stay on the basis of it’s quality and Fannibals deserve a proper ending. Either way, we thank NBC, Mr. Fuller and the rest of the Hannibal cast for giving us 3 great seasons! Here’s to hoping for a 4th one down the road”Hannibal-KeyArt-16x9-1

The petition has already got over 58,000 signatures! We at Indie Mac User urge you to sign the petition #SaveHannibal 


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