#HorrorMonth is Over! Survey Results

So our Horror Month feature for June is finally over 😦

We’ve had blast putting together some great interviews and articles for you all through June! Please take the time to look back through our months-worth of content!

But the fun doesn’t stop here! We’ve got some more great horror content lined up through July and the rest of the year! Watch this space!!

We also ran our survey and competition all month long, so here’s the results as voted by you!

Best Horror Film

3. The Evil Dead

2. Halloween

1. Texas Chainsaw Massacre!

Best Horror Franchise

3. The Evil Dead

2. Halloween

1. A Nightmare on Elm Street!

We also asked What really scares you?

The most popular answer was Clowns! Also ghosts, spiders, rats & people!

Thanks for supporting Horror Month @ IndieMacUser!!!

Some Thank-You’s

Our Competition Sponsors – Nerdoh, Sin City Comics, HorrorCon UK
Our Twitter Promoters – @PromoteHorror, @BSXcluded, @Baron_craze
Our Podcast Partners – BSXcluded, Barons Crypt & Bananalaser
And all the interviewee’s from HorrorMonth and their representative,

Thank you all so much!

Lewis & Ben
The IndieMacUser Team

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