GeekedFest is a brand new Film & Comic convention coming to the Newport Centre, South Wales on August 8th & 9th.GeekedFest

The idea came from some local comic book fans who wanted to see an event in their area and decided to make it happen; headed up by Shane Richard Jordan (owner of the nearby Sin City Comics in Cwmbran) & Chris Muscat.

You can expect the event to offer something for everyone with autographs and photo opportunities with the stars, Q+A sessions, cosplay activities, varied stalls and exhibits.

Guests include:
JUST ANNOUNCED John Altman (Nick Cotton in Eastenders)
Sarah Louise-Madison
(Doctor Who)
John Levene
(Doctor Who)
Ian McElhinney
(Game of Thrones)
Julian Seager (Doctor Who/Marvel)
Virginia Hey (Mad Max 2)
John Challis (Only Fools & Horses)
Ross Mulan (Game of Thrones/Doctor Who)
James Kahn (Novelist of Return of the Jedi, Poltergeist, The Goonies)
Simon Fisher-Becker (Doctor Who)
Matthew Dale (Doctor Who)
Josephine Gillan (Game of Thrones)
Pixie Le Knot (Game of Thrones)
There will be an extensive Cosplay area with stage shows and an Artist Zone.

There are also several cool items being exhibited at the show including:

Made In Wales Dr Who, TorchWood and Sarah Jane Adventures Exhibition
This exhibition will feature original, screen-used costumes and props from the popular television shows

Iron Man Experience 
The chance to see seven replicas of the suits from the Iron Man films with photo opportunities.

The Iron Throne
The chance to have your photo taken on a full sized replica of the Iron Throne from Game of Thrones!

Plus many more including dedicated Cosplay and Gaming areas!

There will also be an after-party for the event in Newport.

For more information and tickets check out

We will update this page with the latest guest announcements.
The IndieMacUser team will be reporting from GeekedFest.

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