The Gallows – Interviews with Cast 

20 years after a horrific accident during a small town school play, students at the school resurrect the failed show in a misguided attempt to honor the anniversary of the tragedy – but soon discover that some things are better left alone.

The Gallows will be hitting cinema screens nationwide today (July 17th). We at Indie Mac User have grabbed an interview with two of the films cast Reese Mishler and Ryan Shoos.

What inspired you to become an actor?

reese in Fresno 2R.M – I was a very introverted child and spent a lot of time watching movies and playing video games. The fictional and far away lives of people so distanced from me or anything I knew, I found fascinating.They took  me to places like nothing else seemed to do. I wanted the opportunity to live in those distant worlds and experience difference walks of consciousness. Being an actor seemed like the most logical method for obtaining these experiences. And then I got older and watched Daniel Day Lewis in My Left Foot and  I was sold on acting as a career.

Ryan Shoos seen at the Los Angeles Premiere of New Line Cinema R.S – I was never a theatre student at any point in my life. I was always playing sports or running
around with friends. However, after becoming obsessed with Jim Carrey and his Ace Ventura
films I went to my mother and said “I could do that!” That started me on the road of becoming an
actor. Seeing how deeply a character could affect their audience with a single film stirred
something in me that has guided me to the point I am today.

You play Reese/Ryan in the upcoming horror film ‘The Gallows’ – how would you describe your character?

R.M – The character Reese in the gallows is a very dynamic individual. He’s coming from a place where he is just now deciding what he truly wants and where he wants his life to lead.  He may not know exactly what he wants but is tired of going along with the path set down for him by his father. He is about to graduate high school and recently quit the football team. Reese is in a state of mental turmoil, as so many young people his age are, faced with the reality of making your own decisions with what to do with your adult life. He decides to take the lead role in the school’s production of The Gallows in an attempt to bolster a relationship with the single interest he knows he possess: Pfiefer. Over the course of the film, Reese‘s timid nature and fears of standing up for what he wants and believes in are tested and he must make difficult choices to become to man he wants to believe he is.

R.S – Playing Ryan in the film was a difficult job. His goals are rather simple; have fun, be
respected, and look cool doing it. Unfortunately for anyone around Ryan, if you get in his way,
he will quickly shoot you down with a series of condescending remarks that allow for no possible
comeback. Ryan is the ultimate character that you love to hate; He makes you laugh before you
realize that the things he is saying are quite cruel and hurtful. Most people can relate to him,
even if they hate to admit it.

Describe the film in five words or less ! 

R.M – Superstitions are best left unprovoked!!!!

R.S – The Final Curtain Drop.

Are you a fan of horror films? 

R.MI generally don’t like horror films because the feeling it evokes in me sticks around long after the viewing of the film, which can put a serious damper on my already rocky sleep schedule. But I do respect the difficulty of making them and finding new ways to scare people through visual storytelling.

R.S – I am very far from a fan of horror movies. My imagination can go so wild with any images, so
when a film shows me unsettling or creepy scenes, they stick with me for weeks, and I am not
afraid to admit that it keeps me awake for days! I will say though, working so closely on this film for 4 years has given me a true appreciation for the genre. The folk that enjoy horror movies are a very loyal bunch and seeing the positive reaction that The Gallows gets from those movie goers is truly satisfying.

What is your favourite movie of all time?

R.M – My favourite movie of all time is Forest Gump.

R.S – Favourite movie of all time for me, at this moment, is O Brother, Where art Thou. The
combination of dry humour, fantastic music, and beautiful cinematography makes for a film that I
can watch over and over again and thoroughly enjoy every time!

Do you have any upcoming projects?

R.M – I am working on a horror film called Bayou Tales and a comedy, National Lampoon’s Dead Serious this fall.

R.S – I was scheduled to be working on a few upcoming projects, unfortunately I was hit by a car
while riding a motorcycle 9 weeks ago. The accident left me with a severely damaged foot and
caused me to step down from those roles. The foot is close to healed and I will be back working
by next month!

Thanks to both Reese and Ryan for interviewing with us. We also want to wish Ryan a speedy recovery.

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