London Comic Con on a Shoestring Budget

Guest Reporter Doctor Squee from Gallifrey Stands Podcast.

Check out our Main Report from the event here.

I have never been to a really big comic con before. I have been to local events, signings and a few bigger gatherings, but I’ve always want to go to an international event.

So when my friends at Indie Mac User, Ben & Lewis, who had planned to go to London Film & Comic-con for the whole weekend, realised they couldn’t go on the Friday and they gave & my son the tickets for that day I was made up. (Tickets for Friday usually a very reasonable £12 each)

11700824_10153450547166240_3249786877409882505_nThe only problem was doing the event on a small budget. We had enough for a coach trip to London
and the tube, but that was about it. Just how much would Comic-con have to do for free?

When we got to the queue 2 hours before the doors opened it was already half way down the side
of Olympia, our venue for the Comic-Con and the sun was beating down. It was hard to imagine
this was the quieter 1 of the 3 days of the event. Even though the sun made you feel sick as we ate
our packed lunch and we were several times moved in closer by staff to let more people into the
back of the queue, it felt like a geek rite of passage to wait in line for a few hours to get into a huge event like this. When the doors opened I was impressed by how quickly we managed to get in, a credit to the staff who worked so hard all weekend.

Then we saw it, a 3 floor warehouse of a building (or more like several conjoined warehouses) full of gamers, cosplayers, merchants, freaks, geeks, nerds and the stars we’d all hope to see.

We rushed to the table the website had assured us we needed to go to for tickets even for the free
talks (something that took us 45 minutes to find out wasn’t true) and eventually found our way to
the Star Wars Imperials talk with Ken Colley & Julian Glover. Two legends of the screen who,
whereas in their own words were ‘quite def’ and needed the compare for their talk to translate
questions back to them, none the less gave a very engaging and interesting talk. I was especially
pleased to see Julian Glover as a Doctor Who fan. Not many a villain has been able to cross paths
with 2 Doctors and Darth Vader!

There were also free talks for Horror Story and Gremlins, but we had much more to see.

On the top floor it was lovely to meet the authors and gamers who had lots of time to talk to their
fans and this was a nice switch up from the other guests who you needed to queue for ages for to
get something signed and rushed along (although some stars would fight to give their fans extra time
despite queues). They also gave out free energy drink at the top to keep you going through the busy

The other highlight for me was the SyFy 360 FanCam. After a reasonable queue you were given a
choice of props if you weren’t already in costume and ushered into a circular arena of cameras
which would take photos of you to create a 360 picture that was sent to you email address for free.

After trying to do a convincing jump for the cameras they advised maybe a spinning turn would look
better (and might not put out my back!) And somehow they managed to make even me look cool!


Finally if you had any money to spend then the vendors catered for any sci-fi, fantasy or steam punk
interest and so much more at any budget. You could get a personalise drawing, a photo with screen
accurate cosplayers (Vegas Spock deserves a special mention) and buy all things geek.11705225_10153450547351240_857884860345845689_n
What an amazing day with my son and for so little!


For more highlights from this event & interviews
please listen to this week’s Gallifrey Stands,

2 thoughts on “London Comic Con on a Shoestring Budget

  1. The Syfy 360 camera looks awesome! I really hope Cardiff gets something similar in the near future.

    I’d heard mixed things coming out of LFCC that weekend, so I’m glad that it was a fun experience 🙂

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