‘The Time Trap’ -Full cast Doctor Who audio drama

 The Gallifrey Stands Podcast presents, Doctor Who: The Time Trap.

The Time Trap is a full audio drama which stars Doctor Squee as The Doctor & Michelle Sewell as Orla. Also starring Ross Mullan, Toby Hadoke, John Guilor, Richard James, Rob LloydAndrew Chalmers, M.A. Tamburro and many more…including a cameo from the IndieMacUser’s very own Ben Gummery & Lewis Mainwaring ;).

There is also a special guest appearance from Iain McNeice as Winston Churchill (a role he also played on TV in Doctor Who).


When Time gets unstuck in the Tardis, the Doctor must travel through its corridors experiencing moments from the past.Joined only by his new companion Orla, they will meet many friends & foes from their past and face some of their personal demons on their journey to fix the Tardis & save the Doctors timeline & the Tardis herself.”

You can listen to the full audio drama plus a cast interview here.

We spoke to Doctor Squee who wrote & produced The Time Trap as well as starring as The Doctor.

How did you come with the idea for The Time Trap?

“I had done a Christmas special for my podcast last year & included a small scripted skit to open & close it. It was so much fun I though ‘why not try to do a full script’ & involve some of my friends & some of the stars who have appeared in the podcast”

What was the experience like or producing your first audio drama and playing The Doctor?

“It’s been a lot of hard work. I’m now even more impressed by everything everyone behind Doctor Who & any other production does, but the rewards are just as big. When you hear the words you wrote being acted out by everyone & it either sounds like you pictured it in many cases better… It’s such a great feeling. And what can I say about getting to play the Doctor? I’ve been trying to do it for as long as I remember on the play ground. Really makes you think about who you think the character is at heart(s)! Also a lot of responsibility as you are writing a character who means so much to so many”

What plans do you have for future audio dramas?
“One next year! As The Time Trap was such a character piece I wanted the next one to have a bit more action & I thought it would be cool to do a prequel about how the Doctor & Orla met. So, the Doctor & Orla will return next Christmas in Death at Christmas!”

 ‘The Time Trap’ is recorded in support Ronald McDonald House Charities http://www.donate.rmhc.org. Giving a place to stay for the families of children undertaking or recovering from surgery on or next to hospital grounds worldwide.

Download  The Time Trap at GallifreyStandsPodcast.Podbean.com, also On iTunes, Stitcher & The Tangent Bound Network.

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