Luchagore Productions – 2015 Horror Shorts

Written by Jay Kay (host of Horror Happens Radio Show).

Many film production companies come and go. Whether it is lucky breaks, in front of the right pair eyes or picking up a camera saying and you are a filmmaker; you wait to see who will survive and who will sink in the ocean of horror short film.

Three names continue to rise in 2015 under the banner of LUCHAGORE PRODUCTIONS; comprising of Director/Writer/Actor Gigi Saul Guerrero, Assistant Director/Producer Raynor Shima and Cinematographer/Producer/Editor Luke Bramley.LG Team

Beginning earlier this year with the 6th Annual Women in Horror Celebration (celebrated every February), the crew at Luchagore took on a segment entitled FELIZ CUMPLEANOS for the “Massive Blood Drive” PSA overseen by “Women in Horror” founder and director Hannah Neurotica and the infamous pair of filmmaking twins Jen and Sylvia Soska (American Mary and See No Evil 2). Luchagore’s segment involved an adult birthday party that is drenched in blood, organs, lust, grit and heritage adding a different perspective on giving blood.

LG EGA staple of the Vancouver B.C. film community that includes filmmaking minds like the Soska’s, Karen Lam (Evangeline and Chiral) and makeup/FX/filmmaker Ryan Nicholson (Collar and Gutterballs 1 & 2). In that dark vein, Luchagore has done some extraordinary and terrifying work as they come up on five years. Creating gritty, tense and edgy horror stories, their body of work including short films, television, music videos and more are well crafted, high quality on every level, smart horror that takes you deep into that nightmares that you know you won’t escape…

Using their collective skills, film techniques, experience and heritage, Luchagore has already made their mark on the horror community with 16 different film projects including the TV mini-series CHOOSE YOUR VICTIM, an entry for the ABC’s of DEATH 2 entitled “M is for MATADOR”, a segment in the Mexican filmmakers showcase BARBAROUS MEXICO, it was the 2014 award winning short film EL GIGANTE based on only the first chapter of Shane McKenzie’s tale of madness, cannibalism and Mexican heritage called MUERTE CON CARTE (disturbing and emotionally driven splatter horror! READ IT!). Each one has become a stepping stone to more terrifying and macabre things ahead. Why this may sound like many other horror production companies and projects, make no mistake (unlike so many other victims) that Luchagore is anything but a demented and warped cookie cutter brand of horror!

Here is a taste of what LUCHAGORE PRODUCTIONS has put out just recently!

LLG XmasUCHAGORE CHRISTMAS: Their latest batch of the macabre and haunting short films includes a special LUCHAGORE CHRISTMAS tale. Casting a dark vision of the hellish holiday, Luchagore shows the dark side of Kris Kringle and what it is like when you land on his naughty list! In the same dark vein as their previous short film work, the gritty and dirty feeling of everything in Santa’s layer is overwhelming and palpable. Santa himself (played by actor Dale Gillespie) is heinous, looking more like a maniacal madman then a giver of love and joy! The one minute and 43 second holiday nightmare is well crafted, framed and edited making the experience very sensory by tweaking audio tones, volume and pitch to change pleasant sounds like the eating of cookies and drinking of milk or the threading of an object into something heard in your nightmares! Hats off to the Luchagore family for finding the very cool and twisted toys that decorate Santa’s layer and that are showcased in the opening seconds. An impulsive and tense feel created through mood and lighting makes your dread the man with red bag!

PALOMA_STILL03PALOMA: Presented as the opening video of the 2015 MORBIDO FEST and in celebration of Mexican tradition of Dia De Los Muertos, Luchagore Productions presents PALOMA. Creating a dream with the signature Luchagore makeup and costuming along with delicate framing and light, a songstress enchants a faceless audience presenting her heart and soul for the masses. The haunting vocals of Shadan Saul Guerrero make you feel as if you are holding a musical snow globe in an empty and vast concert hall. Fall under the spell as you listen to the melody, feel the emotion and let the words bring you to stage where heritage meets beauty.

Making sure to connect each film project like a terrifying and engulfing family tree, Luchagore makes it point of adding new members to their diverse crew, talented cast and incredible staff (20 team members officially at the time of this article). With so much ahead for the family at Luchagore, there is plenty to check out on their website and on their Vimeo channel at as well as their YouTube channel at


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