Top Horror Short Films of 2015

We are proud to present our top horrors shorts of 2015!

As selected by Jay Kay (Host of The Horror Happens Radio Show).


1. Seirēn – Directed by Katt VanDer

2. Pity Directed by John Pata (See our Review)
Pity Still 3

3. Applecart Directed by Dustin Mills

4. Penta Directed by Andrea Mark Wolanin 

5. Heir Directed by Richard Powell

6. Ink Directed by Andy Stewart

7. Once When I was Dead Directed by Scott W. Perry

8. El Gigante Directed by Luchagore Productions (Read more Here)

9. A Perfect Child of Satan
 Directed by
Lucifer Valentine

10. Computer Hearts Directed by Turner Stewart & Dionne Copland

11. Painkiller Directed by
Jeremiah Kipp

12. Small Talk Directed by Nicole Solomon

13. Good Samaritan Directed by Jeffrey Reddick (See our Review)
Good Samaritan

14. A Favor Directed by Izzy Lee

15. The Price Directed by Shawn Anthony

16. First Night in a New House Marc Fratto

17. Invaders Directed by
Jason Kupfer

18. Abort Directed by BJ Colangelo

19. Little Reaper Directed by Peter Dukes

20. Winter StalkerDirected by Stephen Reedey

21. Grammy Directed by Jill Gevargizian

22. Pillow Fight Directed by Patrick Rea (See our Review)

23. The Full Walrus Directed by Jason A. Wallace 

24. Chomp Directed by Lynne Hansen

25. A Tricky Treat Directed by Patricia Chica

Thanks to all the film-makers and great events and programs to watch these short films including;

Tales of Horror (,

* AxWound Film Festival (, 

Rock And Shock (,

Ithaca Fantastik (, 

Slaughter In Syracuse Underground Horror Film Festival ( and more!

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