Review: Pocket Listing (2015)

From director Conor Allyn and writer James Jurdi (Reaper); Pocket Listing stars James Jurdi, Rob Lowe, Jessica Clark and Burt Reynolds.

Jack Woodsman (Jurdi) is a hot-shot Realtor in LA who lives the high life until he gets too greedy and gets on the wrong side of his employer (Reynolds) when his fortunes take a turn for the worst until the offer of one last deal pulls him back…….

This plays like a ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ tale for the L.A. property market however in the third act this turns into more of a Cohen-brothersesque dark comedy of betrayal and adultery; therefore the film is trying to pull off two tricks as once. This does give the film its own unique twist however I feel like having all these loose ends doesn’t help move the plot along. In the closing act of the film however there is a lot of fun action sequences and plot twists that redeem it.

Jurdi’s performance as Jack is perfectly affable and comic however I can’t help but feel the character of Jack deserves more of a presence than he delivers here. There are also enjoyable performances from Rob Lowe as psychotic property owner Frank Hunter and the equally psychotic reality shark Aaron Glass (Logan Fahey).

With the setting of L.A. there was the opportunity for some very dramatic shots and landscaped however I feel like the visual aspects of this film were underplayed and rather dull compared to the story. All this being said this still a fun little flick; I enjoyed Jurdi’s previous writing effort Reaper so there is some promise here for the future.

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