Film & Comic Con Bournemouth March 2016

Review by Doctor Squee (Host of the Gallifrey Stands Podcast)

Here is the low down on some of the stories of the stars in attendance at this weekends FCCB!!!!

12825503_10153956949351240_1017349158_nNoel Clarke:

During his panel on Saturday Noel (who played the role of Mickey Smith in Doctor Who) was asked whether he preferred working with Christopher Ecclestone or David Tennant. Without a moment’s hesitation he said “Chris”.

He went on to say that:

“[they] were the ones who started it. Chris, Russell T. Davis, Camille Coduri, Billie Piper & me”.

In answer to the same question he went on to say something that got this reporter to wonder about how he might have got on with his later co-star David Tennant. He stated that he liked people who you know where you stand with.

“If you ask some people what colour the sky is they say it’s blue, but then when you’re gone, they will say I think it’s green actually”.

12834786_10153956947951240_1542581598_nHe also talked about the upcoming third part of his ‘Kidulthood’ trilogy; Brotherhood, which stars Sarah-Jane Adventures alum, Daniel Anthony as Noel’s son.

This instalment is set a decade after the last movie. Noel said that;

“You get to see how his character does everything he can to stay out of that world, but once he is in, he does everything he can to make sure he can never be pulled in again”

Jemma Redgrave:

I got to briefly interview Jemma, who has for the last years been playing Kate Stewart in Doctor Who. I asked her if she was aware of the history of the Brigadier portrayed by the late great Nicholas Courtney. She said;

“I was aware of the history as someone who watched the show from when I was 5, so I remember the character very well because he is iconic isn’t he? I wasn’t aware he was so important to so many people. I am aware of that now”.12443413_10153956948356240_1657296264_o

She also went on to praise Big Finish for keeping alive a more traditional style of storytelling and how pleased she was to be able to do both them and the TV version of Kate.


Kai Owen:

When I caught up with the Torchwood star he told me how he has developed his understanding of child abuse for the hard hitting sexual abuse storyline his character was embroiled in, in Hollyoaks.

‘The guy I’m playing is a very, very nasty man… It’s a story that Hollyoaks has been running with the RSPCC. It’s called the no more secrets campaign, it is a big abuse storyline and the character I play is obviously a manipulator and an abuser and a destroyer of lives”.


We went on to talk about his work on Torchwood and the new audio adventures. I asked him about the fact the Eve Myles has recently said she will no longer play Gwen Cooper and where this left his future work on these audios. He said that was;

‘The first I’ve heard of it”.

12721651_10153956948206240_1896396966_nHattie Hayridge & Danny John Jules

During the Red Dwarf panel they were asked if they could have an episode set at any moment in the past when would it be. Danny thought the Dwarfers should find themselves;

“Back with the Rat pack in the 50’s / 60’s – [I] would make a good Sammy with Lister as Sinatra”


Hattie said he should pitch this to the show, so watch out for that in a future series.

Hattie, who played the sex changed Holly said that when she was given the role;

“They clearly hadn’t originally planned on making the change as the script still had numerous references to a ‘miserable, bald, Holly’, whereas with myself being female they began to struggle with insults for the character as they weren’t sure if they could be as mean to me”.

It was an amazing event full of more stars than I could include here. For more of the star inteviews please listen to all my interviews from the event on the Gallifrey Stands podcast. The episode with these interviews will be out Tuesday 22nd March.

This Tuesday 15th March you can catch my interview with Doctor Who writer Rob Shearman.

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