‘A Dozen Summers’ being released on DVD

http://dozensummersmovie.co.uk/wp-content/themes/fullscreen/themify/img.php?src=http://dozensummersmovie.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/Background-Pic-5-1024x576.jpg&w=745&h=381&zc=1From British writer/director Kenton Hall; ‘A Dozen Summers‘  is described as two 12 year old girls who hi-jack a movie and turn it into a story about their lives. This is an interesting concept in and of itself but also consider the lead roles are played by Hall’s own daughters Scarlet & Hero Hall and Kenton himself plays their father in the film.The film starts with some wonderfully hilarious voice-over from Colin Baker (of Doctor Who fame) which sets the comedy bar high. Through-out there are ‘various fourth-wall moments’ and references to the many tropes and devices used by film-makers.

4/5 ‘Bold, Hopeful British indie comedy/drama at it’s best’

See our full review here.

Screenbound Pictures and Ballpark Film Distributors are releasing ‘A Dozen Summers’ on DVD in the UK and Ireland on August 15th.
It will also be released, via Stacks Entertainment Inc. in North America on the same day.

A Dozen Summers [DVD]

UK Pre-Orders are open NOW at Zavvi.com.
And will be available soon at Amazon.


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