‘Auld Reekie Media’ Update – ‘Kevin Smith’ inspired short films.

Scottish independent production company ‘Auld Reekie Media‘ have been producing a series of short films based on the life and works of indie writer/director Kevin Smith.10632754_777435919017203_7516422047766196789_n

They started in 2012 with ‘Babble-On Begins‘; a super-hero themed short based on the podcast Hollywood Babble-On. This was followed in 2013 by the crowd-funded short ‘Get Greedo‘ based on the life of actor Jason Mewes as well as producing the shorts ‘Gooper’ and ‘Emo Kev’ the same year.Babble-On Begins Poster 2 - A4Poster 11 - The Animated Poster - A4






Following the success of these shorts the company has embarked on their debut feature film ‘Shooting Clerks‘ which chronicles the making of Kevin Smith’s debut film ‘Clerks‘.

In the run-up to the films expected release later this year the company has announced the release of the final two shorts in their Kevin-Smith themed series.

Babble-On Begins – The Director’s Cut
This special edition will feature the two original Babble-On shorts in a much improved version including new/previously un-seen footage.
Due to be released on July 4th on the Auld Reekie Media Patreon page followed by a YouTube release on July 18th.



13532785_1039179519509507_4391128738037622795_nEmo Kev Rides Again!

This is the follow-up to 2013’s ‘Emo Kev’ and the last in this series.

The film-makers describe it as a “….love letter to all of you who have supported us; a tribute to the films that came before and a direct prequel to Shooting Clerks.”



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