HorrorCon UK 2016

Event Reporters – Ben Gummery & Lewis Mainwaring

Held at the Magna Science Adventure Centre, Rotherham on the 9th & 10th of July 2016.

Guests that attended this weekends event included:-eebc4246-a9bc-442c-ae9b-89323e06ad63

  • Doug Bradley (Hellraiser)
  • Kane Hodder (Friday the 13th Franchise)
  • David Naughton (An American Werewolf In London)
  • Linnea Quigley  (Return of the Living Dead)
  • Fennella Fielding (Carry on Screaming)

This Con is in it’s second year and aims to;

“gather the horror community together, in a friendly and atmospheric space, to experience all forms of the genre; including Art, Tattooing, Music, Literature, Film, Cosplay, Special Effects demos and more – [whilst meeting] with like-minded people in the heart of the most haunted county Yorkshire” !!!!!


This was our first year attending this event and it most definitely wont be our last !  The venue (a museum/activity centre housed in a former steelworks) provided a very unique atmosphere for the event and there was a great variety of attractions on offer including Celebrity Signings, Photo shoots & Talks, Short Film Screenings, ‘ScarePlay (cosplay) Competition’, horror related activities including a Zombie room and a wide range of trader stalls selling a variety of ghoulish goodies.


Other guests included Horror Authors, Comic book artists including Nick Percival (Hellraiser Series) and Graphic designers including Tom Hodge (The Dude Designs – works include Hobo with a Shotgun film poster). Over the course of the weekend we met both Nick & Tom who where both amazing to meet and chat to.

This year marked the first annual ‘HorrorCon UK Scareplay Competition‘ !!!!


This saw various attendees dressed up as both original and horror popular characters and heading onto the horror catwalk to spook and scare the audience and the judging panel – which included horror icon David Naughton. The competition was hosted by the wickedly talented Bunny Galore who had the audience, the judging panel and even the competitors in stitches through her comedic timing 🙂

We attended the Sunday competition and it was extremely good fun.


Throughout the weekend many attendees both young and old dressed up in various horrific costumes!

During the event the following short films where screened in the ‘Indie Film Showcase‘ followed by various Q&A sessions.
whatson (1)

Various horrific and unique merchandise stores were at the event some of our stand out favourites were MAD About Horror “The UK’s best & widest range of Halloween Masks, Horror Decorations, & Animated Props”, TERROR TEDS “Horror plush Heaven…..or Hell”, Sir Digby Nevermoor’s Bloomin’ Horrors which specialise is decorative horror plants and Joe K Worrall (Heart & Arrow Tattoo Studio) who was tattooing various attendees during the show including Doug Bradley’s wife.


During the weekend we were lucky enough to meet Horror legends Doug Bradley & Kane Hodder and ‘queen of the cult movies’ Bunny Galore.


During both days of the event we attended the Q&A’s of Kane Hodder & Doug Bradley. Check out these interesting audios below:

Overall, we really enjoyed our time at HorrorCon UK !!!!! The event was organised excellently and the staff where extremely friendly and helpful. We can not wait for next years event to see what HorrorCon has in-store for us !!!!!

For more information check out the HorrorCon UK website

Please check out our other great Horror content!!





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