Auld Reekie Media release ‘Babble-On Begins: The Director’s Cut’

Scottish Independent production company Auld Reekie Media have released ‘Babble-On Begins: The Director’s Cut on YouTube.

The original ultra-low budget ‘Babble-On Begins‘ shorts were released in 2012; a super-hero themed short based on the podcast Hollywood Babble-On and it’s hosts Kevin Smith and Ralph Garman are transformed intp their superhero equivalents in these highly comic and enjoyable shorts.

This ‘special edition’ features the two original Babble-On shorts in a much improved version including new/previously un-seen footage.

“Had we not rushed the original release, this is what the film would have looked like. Yes, it was meant to be one film, rather than 2 episodes but we rushed the first part out in order to be featured on Hollywood Babble On. Had we not done this, we wouldn’t have gotten all of the exposure we needed to launch the film as well as all subsequent films…” 
Christopher Downie – Writer/Director

There is also a teaser at the end for the upcoming feature film Shooting Clerks; the Kevin Smith biopic.

Shooting Clerks is expected to be released later in 2016.

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