Interview: Taylor Smith – Game Designer on Evil Dead 2: The Official Board Game

EVLDOBG-STDBoard games are about to get a lot more groovy and gory with The Official Evil Dead 2 Board Game – Based on the American horror film franchise created by Sam Raimi.

We recently got the chance to interview one of the games designers: Taylor Smith.


 How did The Evil Dead comic series come about?


Evil Dead 2 was that perfect sweet spot for us as a flagship licensed comic. We’d already done well with our company (Space Goat Productions) and creator owned books that blend spooky horror themes with comedy and adventure, Evil Dead 2 just fit in.


The fervent fans have been wonderful, so we’ve just wanted to give them the best Evil Dead books out there. It helps that we’re all big fans too.

How did this lead onto the idea for this board game?

After about a year and a half of making the comic, we just knew it was the next step. I personally really enjoy making games and have experience self-publishing, so that let us keep the design of the game “in the family,” as it were.


From a production standpoint, it’s super convenient to be able to reuse art assets from the comics on the cards and our background as a service provider means we have contacts who can do everything else.

What will this game offer to die-hard fans of the Evil Dead franchise?

Generally, an all-new, all-familiar Evil Dead 2 experience that’s made as a labor of love by a bunch of big fans.


The Events, Items, and even pacing of the game borrows from the movie. Specifically, we have a few special tiers for the die-hards, like dice made from the actual wood of the cabin from the movie and a chance to have figures made from backer likenesses that will grant them plastic immortality in thousands of games everywhere.


What were the challenges of adapting the Evil dead world into game form?

Making the rest of the characters interesting enough so everyone didn’t always fight over playing as Ash all the time.


My first priority was capturing the mood and themes of the movie, like characters suddenly becoming evil or situations going from “okay” to “catastrophic” at the drop of the hat. With those in mind, I built the mechanics up from there instead of trying to shoehorn Evil Dead 2 nods into a game that wasn’t meant for it.

Do you have plans for any future horror inspired games?

Oh yeah. We have a bunch of great expansions planned for Evil Dead 2, as well as a couple company-owned properties in line and a some conversations for other great licenses going.


We’ve got big plans, so definitely stay following for more news.

The Kickstarter campaign will end on August 10th 2016 at 5:00 AM BST – and has smashed its original goal of $70,000 and is currently on a MASSIVE $443,223 (and still going strong) !!!!

Get involved people !!!!!!

For more information on the Kickstarter and to sign up for email updates,

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