Review: Doctor Who Experience 2016

Written by Lewis Mainwaring & Ben Gummery

The Doctor Who Experience (located in Cardiff Bay, South Wales) is one of the largest and most ambitious Doctor Who exhibitions ever staged. Featuring props and costumes from throughout the shows history encompassing both the classic and modern era of Who.


We have visited the experience several times previously, and have been impressed with constant changes to the interactive experience and exhibitions. During this visit however we also noticed a major refurbishment of the foyer area/entrance.


This area is much better themed than before and makes you feel like your about to walk into the Gallifrey Museum!!!!! Also in this area is a number of new exhibits including various Daleks, a TARDIS and a vintage Doctor Who pinball machine.


There are two separate areas of this exhibition;

Beginning in the Gallifrey Museum, visitors take part in an interactive adventure through space and time with the Twelfth Doctor (Peter Capaldi).

This exclusive interactive adventure is written by Joseph Lidster (Torchwood, Sarah Jane Adventures) and directed by Paul Wilmshurst (Doctor Who) and puts the audience at the heart of an unmissable experience!

After the interactive experience visitors enter a vast two storey exhibition hall containing an extensive collection of original and replica Doctor Who props, costumes, sets and artefacts – from both the classic and current era’s of the show.




Since our last visit various series nine exhibits have materialised.


This display covers all 13 episodes from Series Nine (2015), from ‘The Magician’s Apprentice’ through to the Christmas Special ‘The Husbands of River Song’.

FotorCreated series 9

The episodic collection includes Davros and his hospital room plus a line-up of the foes the Doctor has faced in his Series Nine adventures. Also displayed is the Doctor’s new costume with outfits from Clara (Jenna Coleman), Ashildr (Maisie Williams) and River Song (Alex Kingston) as well as screen used props including the Doctor’s new Sonic Screwdriver.

Our personal favourites from the updated exhibits;

  • The “The Night of the Doctor” display – which housed the screen used costumes of The Eighth Doctor (Paul McGann) and Ohila (Clare Higgins).

FotorCreated night

  • Clara Oswald’s shrine.

    FotorCreated JENNA

  • Davros in his hospital room.

    FotorCreated davros

No trip to the Doctor Who Experience is complete without a look around the Doctor Who Experience shop.


This shop is the only Official ‘bricks and mortar’ Doctor Who Shop in the world !!!!!

From badges and key rings, clothing (including very long scarves) and DVD’s to collectables and more – you will also find an exclusive range of products only stocked at the Doctor Who Experience – This place is a whovians dream !!!!!

We came home with this exclusive print signed by Yee Jee Tso (Chang Lee) from the Doctor Who TV Movie 🙂


For more information on The Doctor Who Experience click here.

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