Review: Used Body Parts (Short – 2016)

Review by Jay Kay (Host of Horror Happens radio show).

UBP1Take part HOSTEL… blend with influences of genre films like PIECES, TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, MANIAC and serve on a platform of no escape in the indie gem REST STOP. With this combined madness, you have the tense, stunning and visual impactful short film USED BODY PARTS by Venita Ozols-Graham. Currently screening at film festivals across the country and around the world as well as included in the ETHERIA FILM NIGHT: ROAD SHOW lineup at DAYS OF THE DEAD conventions, Venita brings her passion project to life and is joined by her actress and daughter Brigitte Graham, actress Jordan Elizabeth, actor Michael Villar and legendary horror and television figure Tim DeZarn (Alien Nation and Cabin in the Woods). Venita carves a tale of isolation and a living hell as a the pretty, pair of young women stop at a remote gas station in the middle of nowhere to fill up during a road trip. They are met by incredible timing embodied in the presence of the mysterious and menacing “Gas Man” who manipulates them differently into his shop/garage. Inside it is a fight for survival, as both young women must escape before the “Gas Man” and his son capture and dismember their bodies into parts for who knows what!

UBP3Originally planned and created to be a feature starring DeZarn, USED BODY PARTS is a just gory and brutal fun that tightens around you! The short film is a throwback to the great exploitative entries of the 70’s and 80’s that fans of my generation grew up and consumed off their local video store shelves. Leaving little to the imagination as you follow through the darkness, Venita definitely creates an uncomfortable connection to reality that we all have been a part of. With the underground and classic horror vibe, fans at screenings of the short have shown their love for the true commitment and dedication from the near four-decade veteran of film and television that Venita is. She has worked as an Assistant Director and Producer on shows like ALIEN NATION, VERONICA MARS, THE SHIELD, CSI and the X-FILES among other credits. This experience and networking benefited USED BODY PARTS in casting, crew and working through the challenges of night shoots and definitive practical FX among other things.

UBPA nice gut shot and tension building tale that weaves it’s insanity into the ETHERIA FILM NIGHT road lineup, USED BODY PARTS bares its teeth as a predator would hunting its prey and never lets you go once it has what it wants… pulling it the void of hell and darkness! This is embodied not only in the wonderful sarcasm by the two talented young actresses but also DeZarn’s mesmerising and terrifying performance. The twist at the end that is the dark seed to feature sometime down the line. Hats off to the cast, crew and especially Venita who is so loved and respected! Be afraid… be very afraid of the “Gas Man”! For he waits for you at your next stop in USED BODY PARTS!



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