Wolf Creek (TV Series) – Episode 1 Review

Written by Lewis Mainwaring

Wolf Creek is a 2016 Australian drama horror thriller web television series.

It is a spin-off of the movies Wolf Creek and Wolf Creek 2 – and gets its UK television debut tonight (30th August – 10PM) on FOX.


John Jarratt, who portrayed Mick Taylor in the films, reprises his role for the series.

Wolf Creek’s protagonist is now 19-year-old American college student Eve (Lucy Fry), who is in the outback on holiday with her parents and brother – when they get mixed up in the murderous rampage of Mick Taylor in this new six-part mini series.


Episode one tilted “Billabong” sees Eve battling an addiction to painkillers, setting the story up with an internal/external battle of demons that sets her on a path filled with grief and a longing for revenge.

The format laid out for the rest of the series is not quite hunter-becomes-hunted, given the villain is hardly the kind of character to run away or be intimidated – but more “has Mick met his match?”.

This is definitely an interesting take on the franchise as in the previous films the bad guy kept winning and the audience loved it!!!!

It’s clear early on from the first episode that the viewing audience is going to have to wait a few more episodes down the line before seeing a direct showdown between Mick and Eve – as the series is gearing up towards this ‘endgame’.

The shows concept of a ‘final girl’ going on a revenge filled rampage isn’t exactly a revolutionary concept – but thankfully with Lucy Fry’s portrayal of Eve it works and leaves audiences wanting to see more whilst investing interest in the character and her personal struggles.

Writing as a fan of the previous Wolf Creek films I’m very excited to see where this show will take the franchise, episode 1 was such an amazing reintroduction to the Wolf Creek universe and easily a 4/5 – however I have a dilemma…..

  1. If Eve gets justice and kills Mick at the end of this series – No more movies !!!!!
  2. If Mick kills Eve – this show and the journey would of been for nothing !!

In the words of Mick Taylor its a “bit of a bugger”.


Looks like we’ll have to wait and see and I for one am waiting with excitement !!!!

Wolf Creek is scheduled to premiere in the United States on 14 October 2016 on the Pop network. 

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