Review: Spaghettiman (2016)

Spaghettiman is written and directed by Mark Potts with stars (and co-writers) Winston Carter, Ben Crutcher and Brand Rackley.

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“Clark doesn’t care about you. He doesn’t care about the world. He barely cares about himself. But after an incident with an old bowl of spaghetti and a malfunctioning microwave, he becomes a superhero that can fight crime with the power of spaghetti. However, you have to pay him.”

SPAGHETTIMAN_HOSTAGE_NEGOTIATIONFrom this film’s title; you might get the wrong idea and on first impression I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. The premise itself is pretty diabolical; fortunately my worst fears were not confirmed as this film stays clear of taking itself too seriously whilst still presenting a some-what engaging story.

‘Spaghettiman’ sounds like the stereo-typical B-Movie superhero and that is what Ben Crutcher delivers here; however excellently so. He is like a low-rent Deadpool except rather than being fuelled by a sense of duty or revenge he does his good deeds mostly in exchange for tips. This contrasts excellently against his strongly moral housemate Dale (Winston Carter) who is an aspiring cop and a hilarious conflict ensues.

HENCHMENThis film rips on tropes of the superhero genre as is evident from the plot and dialogue which is mostly hilarious and well written. The film is un-ashamedly indie and un-ashamedly a comedy at it’s core but I felt it actually punches well above it’s weight when it came to the action sequences and choreography which excels above many B-movies with much larger budgets; and these moments were genuinely thrilling. All this is backed up with kicking rock score and adept cinematography and performances. I would love to see these film-makers put their skills towards a more serious project given the level of skill displayed here. 4/5

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