‘Regenerations’ Doctor Who event 2016

Offical Event ReportersLewis Mainwaring & Ben Gummery

The critically acclaimed Doctor Who convention ‘Regenerations‘ made it’s triumphant return this weekend after a three year hiatus !!!!

This years event took place at The Village Hotel in Swansea over the weekend of the 24/25th September 2016.

Regenerations is a non-profit Doctor Who convention run by Doctor Who fan Cary Woodward. It has been taking place since 2004 with the aim “to be fun for the attendees and the guests”.

Guests at this event included stars from the classic series, the revived series and Big Finish audios. As well as Editors from Doctor Who Magazine (DWM) and Candy Jar Books.

Stars such as;

  • Peter Davison – 5th Doctor
  • Colin Baker – 6th Doctor
  • Michael Jayston – The Valeyard
  • Louise Jameson – Leela – Check out our interview with Louise here!
  • Terry Molloy – Davros – Check out our interview with Terry here!
  • Geoffrey Beevers – The Master – Check out our interview with Geoffrey here!
  • Jemma Redgrave – Kate Lethbridge-Stewart
  • Tom Spilsbury – Editor of DWM
    Plus many many more exciting guests! 

During the course of the weekend there were numerous Q&A panels. We attended several over the weekend.

These were;

The panels we attended were conducted by Ryan Hendrick and David Bickerstaff who both did an amazing job.

There was a wide range of stalls selling all types of Doctor Who merchandise, artwork, comics, costumes etc in the Doctor Who dealers room !!!!

Throughout the weekend there was also a life-size K-9 and ‘Doris’ the Dalek roaming around the event – adding an extra whovian feel to the event (provided by www.dalekdoris.co.uk)

This event is designed to have a smaller amount of attendees (200 in fact) to make it more intimate and enjoyable with plenty of guests from Doctor Who to entertain and thrill.

Unlike many other conventions; ticket prices for this event included one free autograph from each guest (excluding sponsored guests – Geoffrey Beevers and Catherine Schell).

Also there was a photo studio where you could have your photograph with your favourite guests.

The Monsters and Monks Panel having a photo together in the studio
The Monsters and Monks Panel having a photo together in the studio

Both of these queuing systems (autographs & photo shoots) were run effectively and kept orderly by the organisers who easily stood out in their Doctor Who Regenerations T-Shirts.

All attendees are given a registration pack on arrival that includes a welcome letter, schedules, an autograph checklist and some fun Doctor-Who related photos.

Overall we thoroughly enjoyed our time at Regenerations and can’t wait to cover this event again!!!!

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Thank you again to organiser Cary Woodward for a fantastic event see you next you 🙂

Check out clips from Regenerations on this weeks Gallifrey Stands Podcast.

Pre-order Peter Davison’s new autobiography ‘Is There Life Outside the Box?: An Actor Despairs’ on amazon now !!!!

For more information head over to the Regenerations website.

6 thoughts on “‘Regenerations’ Doctor Who event 2016

  1. […] All my experiences meeting fans of the show have been amazing, I feel that I am such a small part of Doctor Who as a whole, but to see the impact the characters I play have on fans’ enjoyment of each episode makes all the hard work worth while. I do get to meet a lot of fans in my place of work (the Doctor Who Experience) although I think I still seem to slip by unrecognised; which is probably best whilst in work! What is your favourite movie of all time? Probably True Romance – although I never seem to have a favourite of anything. What is your favourite TV Show of all time? I don’t really have a favourite TV show – but am in the middle of catching up with Game of Thrones, so would have to say that! If you could play any role which would it be and why? After Doctor Who this year, I would love to be part of the Star Wars films in some form; either playing a robot, monster, or any creature. To work on a film after Doctor Who would be amazing. Do you have any other upcoming projects? At the moment I am being booked in for quite a few conventions, so am focusing on them, as well as getting together a show reel of all my parts in Doctor Who to send out to other productions. Find Jamie on Twitter @Jamiehill2  You can also hear him in some live panels we recorded at Regenerations Swansea 2016 […]


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