Review: Doctor Who – Destiny of the Doctor (The Complete Adventure)

Review by Doctor Squee (Host of Gallifrey Stands Podcast)

2013, the year we had all waited for when Doctor Who was turning a history-making 50 years old. We got to see Two regenerations, Two new doctors, an amazing multiple-doctor story on TV and another on audio with Big Finish. Everyone wanted a part of the celebrations and to put out something amazing. The now defunct Audio Go was no exception. Partnering up with Big Finish they came up with the idea of releasing one audio story a month; based on one of the then Eleven Doctors. As the anniversary was in November, starting at the beginning of the year in January made it all work perfectly. They assembled companions from most of the Doctors as the narrators for the stories, aside from the 9th (although getting in Nicholas Briggs is no bad replacement) and pared them with another actor to co-star. It seemed like quite a coo as well to get the then current companion Jenna Coleman involved. A big shout of to all of the wonderful writers in this set too including Andrew Smith, Matt Fitton and Nev Fountain to name just a few.
dwdotdbf_cover_1417_cover_largeThreaded throughout the first 10 otherwise unconnected stories are messages from the Eleventh Doctor that pay off in the last story. In the behind-the-scenes for this set they reveal what I had suspected that they hadn’t planned in advance what these implanted messages would be used for and for me this does somewhat show in the last story; but is still very satisfying none the less.

Although not perfect this set has some amazing stories in it. One of my favourites being an origin story for Mike Yates. It was only listening to this I realised we didn’t have one already. After hearing most of these actors for years in Big Finish it isn’t surprising how good a job they do and Jenna Coleman and Catherine Tate do a great job stepping into this world.dwdotdbf_contents_1410_large

Listening to the behind-the-scenes documentary included in this set you can tell Audio Go weren’t quite as polished as Big Finish. They came up with some amazing work like this set and ‘The Hornet’s Nest’ saga, but they include a slightly too formal narrator for the behind the scenes and over explain who Charlie Pollard is; which to a fan of Big Finish drama’s felt a little unnecessary and even if you don’t know her from Big Finish you could easily figure it out. It’s a good documentary just not a slick as Big Finish have spoilt us into enjoying.

If nothing else; just having a set on this scale is great and they did something that wasn’t done anywhere else in the 50th celebrations. If you’re a true Doctor Who fan from all incarnations as I am, you need to own this and at £25 for download or £30 for CD what a bargain for this many hours of entertainment. 8/10 Sonics.

Pick up a copy here—the-complete-adventure-1489
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Also listen to me talk to Mike Yates himself, Richard Franklin who talks about this set and so much else in this episode of the Gallifrey Stands Podcast:

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