Review – Doctor Who Short Trips: Rulebook

Review by Doctor Squee (Host of Gallifrey Stands Podcast)

Well, let’s just put it out there; this story was perfect as a short trip. It never felt rushed to fit the short time allowed, it made perfect sense and had a story that fells like it was longer than it was in the best way.On the planet Beadledom 3, the Ellani value the rules above all else (sometimes reminiscent of Douglas Adams ‘Vogons’). The Doctor and Peri save the planet from an invading fleet. Unfortunately as part of their heroic efforts they transmat themselves. The problem with that being local rules dictate that anyone trasmating is considered to be dead as the technology disperses your atoms. They only use it for non-living materials.

As a result of their unknowingly killing themselves the Doctor and Peri find that they are no longer considered to own the Tardis…you know, being dead and all. They must now navigate the local laws to get the Tardis back; or failing that find a good way to break them.

Brilliant writing from Tony Jones and directing from Lisa Bowerman. Nicola Bryant really sells the story and makes each character unique even when she plays several in one scene.

This is the kind of story Short Trips was made for. 9/10 Sonics.

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