Review: Torchwood – Outbreak 

Review by Doctor Squee (Host of Gallifrey Stands Podcast)

When The Torchwood Archive was released I was happy. It was a good feature-length story that brought in all incarnations of Torchwood from it’s timeline together in one story. But it was lacking in giving us a full team Torchwood adventure; jumping around time as it did and mainly focusing on a few characters at a time.

 This isn’t to slate that great story mind; but I am glad we now have Torchwood: Outbreak as well.

I have loved the Torchwood collection of stories; but right from the first series I was hoping they would be doing a full team adventure and this does that and gives us one of the best Torchwood stories to date as well. If this had come after Children of Earth you would have been ecstatic. Miracle Day was good; but I think most agree Children of Earth was Torchwood at its best. This feels like the audio match to those heights.

The story is a virus previously known to Torchwood is released on Cardiff. It first makes you hallucinate and get a general loved up feeling; then it makes you kill… usually the person you were just really loved up about, before the virus kills you in turn.

There is the person on the inside that is using the virus for their own ends, a moral ambiguity as to Torchwoods involvement and smut by the bucketful… in short; everything you’d want from a Torchwood tale!

And as much as I love and respect the characters of Owen and Tosh, it was the core team of Jack, Ianto and Gwen that seemed to me to be the ultimate distilled down Torchwood team. This is the team we deal with here.

Some of my favourite lines in Torchwood’s audio adventures are in this as well, such as ‘Torchwood, touching stuff we shouldn’t since 1879’ and ‘you’d be amazed at what I can do on my hands and knees’. The context of which and deliveries I will leave for you to find out and there are plenty more awesome lines where they came from.

This release doesn’t feature the usual ‘behind the scenes’ interviews. Instead you have to put up with an hour long look back on the entire run of Torchwood (TV, audio, the works) by the cast and Russel T Davis, including a good chunk on this story… well ok, I’ll make do with that!
I really find it hard to find fault in this one. I give it a full 10/10 Jack’s snapping suspenders!

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Listen to Ianto himself, Gareth David Lloyd and Stephan Rhodri who guest appears in this story, both talk about it on a past episode of Gallifrey Stands here… 

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