Review: Short Trips – The Man Who Wasn’t There

Review by Doctor Squee (Host of Gallifrey Stands Podcast)

There are so many places to take short trips and the writers over at Big Finish being ever inventive haven’t run out of styles of storytelling yet.In this one writer Ian Atkins paints a word picture. It’s so rich with imagery in the opening of the story and you can see the landscape of the story in your mind. 

In a story with 40 minutes on the clock it takes the time to set the scene. It then turns into somewhat of a mystery with the 8th Doctor and Charlie (with India Fisher providing the narration on this one) in search of one of her historical heroes.

It also posed questions like; what is a hero? Are they what they personally do in the real world, or what they inspire others to do in the name of the legends they become? Does their real life matter; or what they are a symbol of.

If one were to quibble, you could say at times this story does too much in the time they have and could strip some elements back slightly; but I would rather they try to put more in than less and this story is bold in what it does, expertly directed as always by Big Finish powerhouse Lisa Bowerman.

I give this one 7/10 Sonics!

Download it today here:

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