Death At Christmas – A Doctor Who audio drama!

Death at Christmas is the second seasonal Doctor Who audio drama to be produced, written and directed by Doctor Squee of the Gallifrey Stands Podcast following last years The Time Trap.

As the Doctor & companion Orla head back to Earth for her Dad’s funeral, they reminisce on how they met. The Doctor had just regenerated and found himself crashing into Orla’s life. Meanwhile the new health minister is unveiling a drug that could be the cure for Orla’s Dad’s cancer. But is this cure too good to be true, or could it be deadlier than the cancer itself? Added to this, is one of the Doctors oldest enemies manipulating it all from behind the scenes and if so can the Doctor pull it together after the change to stop him?


The cast includes actors from the Doctor Who TV show (Sophie Aldred– Ace, Julian Seager– Big Red & other charecters, Jon Davey– Monster actor & Matthew Dale– Little John), other celebrities (‘That’ Kevin Smith- Clerks, Mallrats, Andrew McElfresh– Edumacation podcast, the Late Show with Jay Leno & Kenton Hall- A Dozen Summers) and many more! You may even hear some cameo’s from the IndieMacUser team 😉

Check out the trailer here!!!

As with last years production this is also recorded in support of a chosen charity. This year’s charity is Pancreatic Cancer UK.

“I and a full cast have produced a Doctor Who audio play, Death at Christmas, in support of Pancreatic Cancer UK…
The studio, all the actors, sound effects and music people all gave up their time for free to produce it. Please give generously what ever you can afford to this great charity and enjoy the play…””

“Pancreatic Cancer is the ONLY cancer whose survival rates haven’t improved in the last 40 years. Pancreatic Cancer UK is working hard to change that, but they need your support, so please give generously. They are UK based, but no matter where in the world you are, any breakthroughs they make could save your loved one in the future. Thank you!”
Doctor Squee

You can donate via the JustGiving page here.

Death At Christmas will be released on Gallifrey Stands on the evening of Wednesday, 21st December 2016.

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