Review – Running Through Corridors Vol 2: The 70’s

Review by Doctor Squee (Host of Gallifrey Stands Podcast)

I didn’t catch the first instalment of the ‘Running Through Corridors’ story, so wasn’t sure exactly what to expect.

I know of Robert Shearman & Toby Hadoke and have had the pleasure of interviewing them for my podcast; both had mentioned the book and I had always meant to get round to it. So when the second instalment came out and Mad Norwegian Press asked me to review it I jumped at the chance.
download-6In the first instalment it would appear they took us through each of the Doctor Who episodes from the 60’s (therefore all of the black and white adventures) one episode at a time. They would each watch one episode of Who a day until they had completed the entire run.

Volume 2 takes us through the 70’s. Although for us this is released sometime later, for the boys it is the next day. They have just finished the last episode of the War Games the night before and they are then thrust into colour and the 3rd Doctor and it takes us through to 4th Doctor adventure the Horns of Nimon.

After the lovely foreword by Louise Jameson which tells of her favourite stories and what she makes of the companion role, the introduction explains that Messer’s Shearman and Hadoke whilst watching back all the Doctor Who stories that they wanted to try to find the best in every story; even if it is not their personal favourite. An admirable goal and I’m pleased to say they manage it without it ever seeming too much. They are never sycophantic, they are never overly hard on episodes or adventures and they see the adventures with an analytical mind as well as a Whovian one. This is a delicate balancing act in my opinion and one they pull off perfectly.

It’s also nice that they have a similar opinion but always find something in the story the other didn’t. This is aided by the fact that Robert would send Toby his thoughts before Toby wrote his. Although it is interesting that at the beginning Toby isn’t able to get the emails from Robert as he is on a flight and they still have different things to say.

At 392 pages it sounds like a daunting book, but it’s really nice to dip into an episode or an adventure or two as seen through their eye and then pick it up another day. You feel like you go on the journey with them and it reminds you of episodes you haven’t seen in a while and must go back and review.

This is a great book and I can’t wait for the 80’s edition. I give this one a ‘now available in colour’ 10/10 Sonics.

You can order the book now here

You can hear my interviews with Robert & Toby at

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