Review – Doctor Who: Quicksilver

Review by Doctor Squee (Host of Gallifrey Stands Podcast)

Constance (Miranda Raison) wants to go home, Flip (Lisa Greenwood) is back and alien tech is being used in just post war Vienna. It’s all go in this one!Let me back up a bit. When the Doctor (Colin Baker) drops off Constance back home a short time after she left he then makes an excuse to get out of saying goodbye as it’s not easy for either of them. He is then found by Kinvar (Joel Fry) who wants his help. It turns out that our new alien friend Kinvar made an exchange using his home planets tech and now risks giving humans tech they should not yet have.

Flip finds herself taken out of her own time in the middle of celebrations and planted into Constance’s right when the Doctor and Constance are there (by what can’t be a coincidence). Added to all this Constance receives a telegraph stating her husband is dead, but is that all it seems too?

This story had a lot going on and I usually prefer more than less in a Doctor Who tale. In this case it does sometime feel a little crowded and I sometime did struggle a bit to keep up with that is happening (I will always acknowledge  that this can be listener error or lack of attention when listening!) But what it gives to recommend this story far out-ways this.

First of all I have been a fan of Joel Fry for ages. He is probably known best known for Game of Thrones now, but I remember him from Sky sitcom Trollied and many guest roles he had on shows when younger. We are also treated to a team up from 6th Doctor Companions Flip and Constance, 2 characters that couldn’t be more different, yet become a great counterpoint to each other in this adventure.

There is also a lot of room for Colin Baker to show a lot of range that his Doctor maybe didn’t get a fair crack at doing on TV. He is subtle and melancholy when saying goodbye to Constance, he is annoyed at the carelessness of Kinvar and he gets to do one of his big speeches at just the right moment too.

All in all this is big in scale as a story and brings in a lot of elements and by and large pulls it off.

7/10 Sonics.

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