Review – Short Trips: The Hesitation Deviation

Review by Doctor Squee (Host of Gallifrey Stands Podcast)

It’s another great start to a short trip with the narration device being Bernice Summerfield explaining to a medical robot why it needs to delete her memory.
She then embarks on the story of how she and the Doctor arrived on a planet for Christmas and ended up running from a mob intent on killing the Doctor. But is there more to the towns folk turning on them than meets the eye? Umm, maybe!

Lisa Bowerman; who must by now be adding at least two days somehow each week to keep up with her Big Finish work alone, does her usual amazing job as Benny. You feel her perspective and view point at every turn and even her love and frustration at the Doctor.

It’s always nice to get a good old-fashioned Christmas story from Big Finish as well; and this story does start in that vain. This story was released on Christmas eve and even though I am just catching up to review it, it also part way through goes into something bigger than just a Christmas story and gives you the kind of story you can listen to year-round. That and it’s still late December… yes, I am doing the review version of trying to have my cake and eat it too, but this story is fit for Christmas and beyond.

James Goss (another incredibly busy Big Finish stalwart) also brings his usual high calibre to the writing of this one and gives you a busy enough story to keep it action packed but short enough to not feel rushed to fit the short trips running time. 

8/10 Sonics

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