Review – Doctor Who: The Beast of Kravenos

Review by Doctor Squee (Host of Gallifrey Stands Podcast)

The latest 4th Doctor (Tom Baker) Adventure see’s him reunited with his old friends Messer’s Jago & Lightfoot (Christopher Benjamin and Trevor Baxter) in this fun and engaging story.

The first thing I am struck by in this Justin Richards penned script is how it shows that Doctor Who, where as it can be big and use high concept, it can be just as good when telling a straightforward well written ‘who done it’ with a sci-fi twist.

I wont bore you by saying how amazing Tom Baker or Lalla Ward are. Of course they and Benjamin and Baxter are amazing. But it is always fun to return to the well when it comes to Jago & Lightfoot playing off against the Doctor they started out with. Then the way they react to Romana II, who they perceive as just coincidently having the same name is also great and reminds us of how Ward really made the part her own; whilst honouring the original character.

Then you throw in John Leeson as the ever lovable K9 being used as a star turn at the theatre and you have magic in a bottle. I think they even got the level of K9’s humour right on the money. You can’t have him trying to be too funny as a robot; but there is a subtle humour that comes from his actions that I feel they use really well.

Every detail is perfect in this story too. Right down to them (as revealed in the extras) having pin pointed where in the Doctor Who chronology this story fits and thusly exactly the style of music it should have for the composers they imagine might have worked on it. This is the kind of thing Big Finish are best at.

This story is so good I give it a K9 out of K10!

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