Review: Short Trips – Gardeners Worlds

Review by Doctor Squee (Host of Gallifrey Stands Podcast)

At a lean 37 minutes this is a shorter trip than usual for this range. Writer George Mann takes you quickly into the story to make the most of the time we have by having the Doctor sense the nature of the problem. This does feel somewhat jarring, but once I got into the possibilities this story offers I started to enjoy it.

It centres around a village where things that don’t belong are appearing and things that do are missing. Solid fare for a Doctor Who story and simple enough to quickly establish in a short trip.

The voice work of Tim Treloar is fantastic and his 3rd Doctor is second to none. I also liked that the in-story cast is kept light. Obviously with a narrated story you could have as many people as you lik;, but this seemed like the kind of story that could be ruined by too many characters.

I don’t want to give the plot reveal away, but the ‘thing’ that is happening in the village is fun and one of my favourite types of sci-fi story. Also the 3rd Doctor and strange goings on in a village is sort of where the 3rd Doctor lives.

As well as all of this you know when you read Lisa Bowerman is in the director’s chair you are going to get a well-paced and best structured telling of the writers work; this is no exception.

I give this one 7/10 sonic screwdrivers!

Check it out on download here

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