Review: Torchwood – Visiting Hours

Review by Doctor Squee (Host of Gallifrey Stands Podcast)

Mild Spoilers!

In TV Torchwood I loved how they fleshed out what to begin with were mere supporting parts. PC Andy becoming a sergeant and a proper ally to the team and not just the comic relief that got them into places as a cop sometimes.

So it was also with Gwen’s long suffering husband Reece played brilliantly by Kai Owen. He felt more and more like part of the team and whereas Miracle Day wasn’t everyone’s favourite adventure; he really shined in it and had a lot to do.
The Big Finish range under James Goss’s producing has continued that work seamlessly to the point when I hear that this story features Reece with his Mum (Nerys Hughes), I’m not at all worried.

David Lllewellyn has written this simple and imaginative script. Simple in that the action takes place seemingly in real time at a hospital; one location. Imaginative in that it features time traveling organ thieves!

Kai Owen still has the good humour both synonymous with his character and Torchwood in general; but he gets to have more of an edge and really take the lead in a story with Nerys Hughes as his Mum taking the role he would normally have had; being the family member that is bewildered by what is happening. Hughes is endlessly entertaining in this role. Not only is she funny; but you also really feel for her and the danger she is in and how she would so easily sacrifice herself for her son.

This story also shows how Reece has fully embraced Torchwood. Not just accepting it as necessary but being fully on board as an agent.

When this range first started I was worried I’d miss the whole team being together. Don’t get me wrong I love the team-up adventures they have done; but in these stories the beauty is each character has such diverse stories and we get to see how they would cope on their own on in smaller team-ups with all the dangers that lurk nearby .

Ryan Sampson and Stephen Critchlow are great as the bad guys. It’s quickly apparent they are working for someone else and as much as you hate their characters for what they are doing they are given strong motivations that give you empathy for them.

So I look forward to more solo adventures with Reece and hopefully a few with his Mummy too!

I give this one 9/10.

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