Review – The Jago & Litefoot Revival (Act 1)

Review by Doctor Squee (Host of Gallifrey Stands podcast)

Well this is just a bit special! Jago & Litefoot are back; or if you will, revived, in this original story featuring them centre stage with the 10th Doctor joining their adventure.I really liked that this is set in a time that the magic, fun and chaos that they have come accustomed to is gone. They are somewhat ‘bored’. This gives great scope for a writer to paint a picture of this and then really have fun when they are thrust out of the action by the 10th Doctor showing up.

If I had to give a negative, then when I looked at this I did think I might have liked it as a companion chronicle better. As it’s a 30 minute ‘Act’ it’s short even by short trips standards; so assuming the second part is the same length then an hour would make a great companion chronicle

Here is why I was wrong though… To start; Big Finish are selling this at a mere £2.99. So with both parts that is a steal at just under £6. Added to this an almost overwhelmingly cool twist at the end of act 1 that not only will keep fans happy; but also gives a great cliff-hanger ending that I am glad we get to wonder about till act 2 comes out in April. Not long to wait; but long enough that we don’t wolf this feast down before we get to savour it.

Christopher Benjamin and Trevor Baxter are as always great at Jago & Lightfoot. On the TV these characters were already there; but over the years Big Finish has pulled the taffy and built up their differences that somehow end up complementing one another perfectly. One a bombastic show man, the other an understated, amiable gentleman. The opening scene plays off this to great effect. They have both when talking about the J&L series said how the writing for them has only hit the mark better as they have gone. Well in this one Jonathan Barnes may have hit it out of the park more than any of the stories before.

With Lisa Bowerman directing; who has been on the journey with our heroes since the beginning, it’s clear to see why this story is so good.

And since this story features the 10th Doctor, how apt that it gets a 10/10 from me!

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