Time to Start Preparing for ‘Alien: Covenant’ Sequel

Fans of science-fiction and horror have been eagerly awaiting the release of ‘Alien: Covenant’, and now they can also look forward to what’s next. We may have close to two months until we see the highly anticipated follow-up, but director Ridley Scott has revealed that planning has begun for a sequel. Since the release of the terrifying looking trailer, people have been more excited than ever for what seems to be a return for ‘Alien’ to its horror-based origins.

The early trailers for the film make it look as though this might be the most frightening film in the franchise since Scott’s 1979 classic. The international trailer shows a bit more of the new planet and reaffirms that ‘Covenant’ won’t be cutting any corners when it comes to scares and gore. The original ‘Alien’ has long been the standard for science-fiction horror, and fans have a waited a long time to see the world of ‘Alien’ go back to what made it so successful in the first place.

Expectations for the new movie have been promising enough that Scott is already looking forward to the next chapter.

The legendary director confirmed the title of the new film as ‘Alien: Awakening’. He also said it would be a prequel that follows Prometheus but comes before Covenant in the timeline.

It’s been a long, strange journey that has seen the franchise traverse a wide variety of genres, but the fundamental elements of horror have always been lying beneath the surface.

‘Prometheus’ faltered somewhat, as though those behind the film were unsure of where they wanted to go. Thankfully, ‘Covenant’ has made it abundantly clear that this is still very much a horror movie.

With Scott moving full steam ahead with the next movies in the series, one has to wonder if the studios will also look to extend the other media aspects of the franchise.

The potential for the ‘Alien’ video games is huge and the series has already seen a fair amount of success in this regard. From the arcade games of the 1990s to the recent survival-horror excellence of Alien: Isolation in 2014, the property has always lent itself to interactive entertainment.

Fans of the series can still find examples of ‘Aliens’ in gaming online today. One prominent illustration is through a licensed title highlighted for popular online platforms that takes the characters and titular monsters from James Cameron’s action-horror epic and deftly incorporates them into a casual slot reel. The game goes one step further than other casino titles, though, by including a first-person shooter style bonus round where players battle against xenomorphs before facing off against the fearsome alien queen. The character designs remain as visceral today as they did nearly 40 years ago and there’s clearly still an audience for ‘Aliens’ in all its incarnations.

Scott has gone on record saying that he is able to go for another six movies and has no plans to slow things down again. With promises like this, the stakes are even higher for the latest film to make a big splash. ‘Alien: Covenant’ will be released in theaters on May 12, 2017.

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