Review: Short Trips – Flashpoint

Review by Doctor Squee (Host of Gallifrey Stands Podcast)

Andrew Smith once again returns to the Doctor Who world to pen this Sheridan Smith read 8th Doctor adventure.

Coming in at under 35 minutes this one really packs the ideas in. The 8th Doctor & Lucie Miller find themselves crashing into a planet covered in lightning storms, separated and without the Tardis. Lucie is left to protect a mysterious genius child who for some reason is being tracked down by some less than friendly bandits. Some hope is found when Lucie and the child find a stranger with some protection from the lightning.

Sheridan Smith was always great as Lucie Miller and slips effortlessly back into her like a pair of comfortable shoes. Her 8th Doctor impression maybe not so good. She goes with a very posh voice that really doesn’t do justice to Paul McGann’s lilting tones. In fairness I know this is just meant to be the companion telling the story; so it’s just their best impression, but when there is a touch of the voice in the impression it does help lose me in the story. Overall though her performance and energy in the story telling keeps you hooked. Points there of course also to the director,; the always wonderful both sides of the mic, Lisa Bowerman.

For the story, as I say it has a lot of strong ideas, I was just surprised this was used for a short trip; and a short one at that. I would have liked to have heard the story of the Doctor and what he was up to whilst Lucie was having the main story. And in Lucie’s story I would have loved to have more of her trying to figure out the child and the stranger who comes to their rescue.

As this has occasionally has been by opinion on a few of the short trips I am always quick to say, better a short trip where I want more than a full length story I wish didn’t drag, but this story is for me a little under served.

I give this 7 / 10 lightning strikes.

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