Review: Short Trips – The British Invasion

Review by Doctor Squee (Host of Gallifrey Stands Podcast)

Wendy Padbury takes on the reading duties in this Ian Potter script. The Doctor takes Zoe & Jamie to 1951 to see the Festival of Britain on the bank of the river themes. Whilst there the Tardis crew try to make a minor change to history to help with the festivities; but end up realising more sinister forces might already be meddling in the event.

I always like it when a writer picks up on a less written about part of history and given Doctor Who is so uniquely British, it’s nice when those events are part of local history. This story also feels like the second Doctor era and Wendy Padbury takes you into that time beautifully as does the writing; props also to direction by Lisa Bowerman.

I think this really does well what the Short Trips range is meant to do on the whole. To deliver the audio equivalent of a popcorn movie. Those films you sit down in front of and really enjoy in the moment. Every now and then one exceeds that, but really all I want out of these shorter stories is something engaging to listen to for 40 mins. This gives you exactly that. It’s a simple but good story and it fits the characters it uses.

Wendy Padbury’s 2nd Doctor and Jamie are also really quite good and helps sell the story.

I give this a fun 8/10.

You can buy it on CD or download here


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