‘Doctor Who – The Unsaved Planet’

Following on from “Doctor Who: The Time Trap” & “Doctor Who: Death as Christmas” the Gallifrey Stands Podcast team are back for another charity full cast audio drama, this year to raise money for LGBT charity Stonewall UK.

After traveling together for 2 years, to celebrate the Doctor reluctantly takes Orla back to the first planet they visited together, joined by their friends Sandy & Ainley.
When they return the new president tells them all is well on the planet, but to be careful of the war mongering rebels in the west who seek an end to the peace. But when Orla gets captured by the rebels both she & the Doctor soon find out there is more going on beyond what they can see. 
Are the rebels the true enemy? Is new president Wash all she seems? Why is the Doctor so reluctant to return? And has the first planet Orla visited with the Doctor been unsaved?

Starring Doctor Squee, Joy Johns & Michelle Sewell with an amazing full-cast featuring Kevin Smith (Clerks, Dogma), Ralph Garman (Family Guy), Yee Jee Tso (Doctor Who TV Movie), Bethany Black (Doctor Who) & a featuring introductions from Matt Lucas (Nardole) & Katy Manning (Jo Grant) as well as special appearances by the IndieMacUser team!
Doctor Who: The Unsaved Planet will be released Wednesday 20th December  on GallifreyStandsPodcast.com & Youtube.com

Please donate to the fundraiser here:

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